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  • 350 Attendees
  • 2 Days
  • 3 Workshops
  • 22 Sessions

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Confirmed keynote

Pete Bacon Darwin & George Kalpakas

Addicted to AngularJS

You want to move on to the new Angular and leave your old AngularJS days behind but are not yet ready to give up all those carefully crafted components (sorry, directives) and services and your beloved filterFilter? You realize it would be good for you, but a complete rewrite in Angular makes you feel weak and small in the face of the challenge?

What if we told you that you are not alone? What if we told you that going cold turkey is not the only way? Let us show you how ngUpgrade helps you to wean yourself off AngularJS in small manageable stages.

Todd Motto

Angular's Reactive Forms: the hero we need but not the one we deserve.

In this talk we'll take a deeper dive into Angular 2 Reactive forms and utilise the powerful APIs Angular 2 offers for complex forms, validation and much more.

Joe Eames

Breaking Bias

Unconscious Bias is one of the universal traits of being human. It helps us safely navigate the physical dangers of life, keeping us safe. But it can also be a liability, preventing us from seeing the truth of situations, and causing us to make poor choices for ourselves and those around us. In this talk, we'll look at how to identify and move beyond our unconscious biases, to improve both our lives, and the lives of those we interact with.


Mike Woudenberg & Edze Knol

Intoduction to Angular Unit Testing

Learn all about getting started with unit testing your Angular application

Maxim Salnikov

Progressive Web Apps using the Angular Mobile Toolkit

Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing for the web. They combine the advantages of two platforms: searchability and shareability of the web with capabilities and performance of native mobile. As a result, web developers can use their favorite tools to build installable, re-engageable, connectivity independent apps, that can bring native-like performance and user experience. The Angular Mobile Toolkit makes it easy to get started building PWA. It’s developed to automate main routines and provide us with some nice tools to control the progressive app behavior. During this practical session, we'll have a look at Mobile Toolkit’s main components, and how they take our web app to the next level. With just some simple updates we’ll get installable, offline-capable, mobile-network-friendly Angular app re-engaging users by push-notifications.

Confirmed talks

Erik van der Voort & Henk van den Brink

ING’s Journey in building and deploying Angular-code

The will be about how we code, build and deploy Angular-code within ING en how this changed our way of working.


ING’s Journey in building and deploying Angular-code

The will be about how we code, build and deploy Angular-code within ING en how this changed our way of working.

Wassim Chegham

Demystifying Ahead-Of-Time compilation in Angular

Angular is really fast. Do you know why? One area where the team is continuously pushing the limits is related to the template compiler. In this talk, we will learn about Angular's template compilation. We will introduce the two compilation modes: JIT and AOT. And explain the pros and cons of each mode. More importantly, we will demystify the AOT compilation process. So, grab some popcorn and join us…

Shmuela Jacobs

Apprehending Your App with Augury

You may be a phenomenal Angular developer. You may also be an ambitious total beginner. Maybe you’re not a developer at all - perhaps a QA tester or a product manager. Whatever you may be, if you’re working on an Angular application then Augury will give you immediate insights and useful tools to handle the project. Learn how you can leverage Augury to easily understand different aspects of your app, test it and debug it.

Uri Goldshtein

Component based API for your Angular Components with GraphQL

We are moving to component based apps, with many known benefits. But do we get to keep those benefits when calling the server? This talk demonstrates the problems with current approach and how to solve them using GraphQL and Apollo.

Erik Haddad

AngularFire2 and You

Discover how Firebase can streamline development processes and how to easily add AngularFire2 to your Angular2 apps.

Sebastian Witalec

Sharing Code Between Web and Mobile Native Apps

NativeScript is a free and open source JavaScript framework for building native iOS and Android apps, add to it Angular 2 top it up with Electron and a whole new world of possibilities opens up. This beautiful combo allows us to share the code between the Web, Mobile (both iOS and Android) and Desktop apps all built on the common ground of Angular 2. Suddenly the division between the Web, Mobile and Desktop developers disappears and everyone is simply a Developer like a one happy family. In this talk we will have a look what is possible from the code sharing point of perspective, how to set up your project and how to build your components to ensure maximum code sharing, but also we will look at what you shouldn’t be trying to share and how to handle the differences between various platforms.

Manfred Steyer

Step by Step: Improving Startup Performance with Lazy Loading in Angular

Angular applications can lazily load modules to improve startup performance. Using an example, this session shows how you can optimize your solution with this approach. You will also learn about potential pitfalls as well as about asynchronously preloading modules with build-in strategies and your own strategies to speed up lazy loading.

Asim Hussain

ngRx the last piece in the Angular architecture puzzle.

You read about this thing called RxJS, you een forked a plunker and tried an example. It seems clever but how in the hell do you actually use this thing to write a full Angular application? You keep up on hearing about this cool thing called Flux, or is it?

Kenneth Christiansen

Real world, real devices, how to?

The web lives in a sandbox, and its security model has allowed people to trust it and for it to grow enormously, but the world is changing around us. There is a growing need to access new hardware capabilities such as sensors or just connect to devices around us. The great news is that the sandbox is growing with new capabilities and with new security models, allowing us to connect to devices via Bluetooth, USB or even talk NFC. There are now even ways to directly get magnetometer readings on Android devices. In this talk we will look at this new landscape and how to use some of these new APIs. Come join me for a look at the Future Web(TM)!

Conference Day - March 16, 2017

NG-NL 2017 is a two-day conference, existing of a training day and a conference day. The conference offers multi speaking tracks as well as hands-on workshops, with a focus on Angular. The world's best experts inspire you to bring your projects to a higher level. The conference is organized by and for day-to-day users of AngularJS, to share new insights and practical tips, which you can take home and apply the next day!

Date: Thursday, March 16, 2017
Location: 't Sieraad - Postjesweg 1, Amsterdam
Language: English Time: 09:00 - 17:30 (excl. registratrion, networking and drinks)

Training Day, March 15, 2017

Besides the conference we offer two hands-on trainingen on Angular. given by Gerard Sans and Manfred Steyer. The training will take place on March 15.

Training 1: Gerard Sans: Basic Angular Training This training covers: ES6 and TypeScript, Tooling, Angular CLI, Dependency Injection, Template syntax, Components, RxJS 5, HTTP, Router, Forms, Unit Testing and Migration to Angular 2. It is a beginners training. Any knowledge of front-end is required though.

Training 2: Manfred Steyer: Angular Performance Training (Advanced Training) This training covers: AOT, OnPush, Immutables, Observables, Angular Universal, Web Worker Rendering, Service Worker and PWAs, Lazy Loading, Preloading) This training is for people who want to take a more deep-dive into Angular.

Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Location: 't Sieraad - Postjesweg 1, Amsterdam
Language: English Time: 09:00 - 17:00 (excl. registration, networking and drinks)